Common Questions About Snap-on-Smile

Does Snap-on-Smile Hurt?

The procedure is completely painless! Just an impression of your teeth is taken, no drilling and no removal of your tooth structure.

Will it affect my speech?

Maybe. Some people experience a temporary adjustment period but are typically back to normal within two weeks.

How long will my Snap-on-Smile Last?

Snap-on-Smile can be a long-term or short-term solution. Speak with your doctor about your treatment option.

How many teeth does it cover?

Your entire upper arch or your entire lower arch.

Will Snap-on-Smile damage my natural teeth?

No! There is no drilling or filing down of your natural teeth required!

What Is Snap-on-Smile?

Snap-on-Smile is a thin, strong, resin material that is formed to snap in place over your natural teeth.
  1. An impression is taken of your teeth and mouth.
  2. You will then choose the preferred shape and shade of your new smile.
  3. The impression is then sent to the Snap-on-Smile laboratory where the smile is custom made just for you!
  4. In a few weeks, your new smile is ready to wear!

Snap-On Smile in Paducah, KY

Snap-On Smile is the simplest way to get the smile you have always wanted without the pain of drilling or needles. Snap-On Smile is a dental appliance that fits over your teeth and snaps into place. Made of a thin resin material, Snap-On Smile can be created for both upper and lower teeth by our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kelvin White, DMD.

When Would a Cosmetic Dentist Recommend Snap-On Smile in Paducah, KY?

  • Our cosmetic dentist recommends Snap-On Smile for patients who have crooked, crowded, or large gaps in their teeth.
  • If you are missing teeth but are not a good candidate for a dental bridge or dental implants, our cosmetic dentist may recommend Snap-On Smile for you.

Snap-On Smile by a Cosmetic Dentist in Paducah, KY

When you visit our office for a Snap-On Smile, our cosmetic dentist will talk to you about the results you would like to achieve and ask you how you would like your new smile to look. You will select the shape and shade of brightness for your new smile and our cosmetic dentist will take an impression of your teeth. Your custom made dental appliance is molded to fit your teeth from this impression, which takes roughly three weeks. When your Snap-On Smile is ready, our cosmetic dentist will have you in for a final fitting and you will walk out of our office with even, white teeth. No needles or drilling required.

Schedule an Appointment for Snap-On Smile by a Cosmetic Dentist in Paducah, KY

Snap-On Smile can be worn by anyone. It does not require any alteration to your existing teeth, is non-invasive, and can dramatically change your appearance. Snap-On Smile is removable for easy maintenance of both the dental appliance and your natural teeth. However, it does not need to be removed when eating and drinking, allowing you to look your best throughout the day or night. If you are interested in discovering how Snap-On Smile can transform your appearance, contact our office to learn more.

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